Tfanen Takwin

Euro-Tunisian pilot cycle of one year of training for professionals in the cultural sector in Tunisia. Tfanen Takwin is supported by Tfanen - Tunisie Créative  , a project to support the strengthening of the cultural sector, financed by the   European Union within the framework of the Programme of Support to the Cultural Sector in Tunisia (PACT) of the Ministry of Culture. The Tfanen Takwin project is a collaboration of the EUNIC network EUNIC (National Cultural Institutes of the European Union), implemented by the British Council and led by the Goethe-Institut Tunis..

Based on theoretical and technical modules, recent practical case studies, modules for building adaptive cultural leadership skills, and mobility between Europe and Tunisia, Tfanen Takwin aims to strengthen the skills of professionals capable of leading cultural projects taking into account the history of arts and heritage in Tunisia in a national, regional and global context, and of promoting this cultural sector by relying on digital tools in situ and online, and on communication techniques (soft skills) related to the development of a project.

The three axes of the course are:

Heritage and culture

Information and communication technologies

Soft skills

The training is linked to the different structures established in Tunisia and follows the Tunisian cultural calendar.

Educational goals

Know the Tunisian cultural scene with its actors and its issues.

Know the different cultural institutions in Tunisia or working with Tunisia within the framework of the establishment of cultural policies.

Promote heritage and the cultural sector by exploiting digital resources in situ and online.

Design, set up and monitor projects in the fields of culture and heritage, including by mobilizing their European networks (EUNIC and others).

Work and lead a team.

Master the various communication and cultural mediation tools.


Andrea Jacob
Présidente du Cluster EUNIC
Directrice du Goethe-Institut Tunis

Elsa DespineySami Faiz
Project managers – responsables pédagogiques

Souhir Buonomo
Coordinatrice pédagogique junior

Marwa Gouader
Coordinatrice générale

Zakia Bouassida
Content Manager

Avec le soutien de
– L’équipe de communication de Tfanen Tunisie Créative
– L’équipe de communication et IT du Goethe-Institut Tunis


Tfanen - Tunisie Créative supports the strengthening of the Tunisian cultural sector in Tunisia through sub-granting calls for proposals and technical assistance in capacity building of local cultural actors. It promotes cultural diversity, access to culture, freedom of expression and creation among young people.

The program also aims to strengthen civil society, facilitate sustainable professionalisation of the cultural sector and reinforcement of the role of culture as a vector for social cohesion at local, regional and national level.


The EUNIC network (European Union National Institutes for Culture) is a network bringing together cultural and language promotion institutes of the European Union, with coordination between the central institutions in Brussels and groups (in English: clusters) in different cities of the world in order to strengthen dialogue and cooperation with countries outside Europe.

In Tunisia, EUNIC brings together since 2011 the cultural institutes and services of the European member states present in Tunisia. The presidency is rotated. It is currently provided by the Goethe Institute, after having been previously carried by the French Institute of Tunisia, the British Council and the Wallonia-Brussels Delegation,


The European Union manages a network of some 130 Delegations around the world, which are full diplomatic missions within the meaning of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

In Tunisia, the Delegation of the European Union was installed in 1979. The Head of Delegation has the rank of Ambassador and is accredited to the Head of State.


The support program for the cultural sector in Tunisia (PACT) is a program funded by the European Union (EU) in cooperation with the Tunisian government which aims to support the redefinition of cultural policy (axis 1) and restructuring of the cultural sector (axis 2) in the context of the new governance experienced by Tunisia today.


Tfanen Takwin

The call for applications is closed.