Our Philosophy

Philosophy of Tfanen Takwin

Structured around three themes: Heritage & Culture (88H), ICT (72H) and soft skills (40H), TfanenTakwin allows participants who have been selected to benefit from training based on theoretical and technical modules, case studies recent practices and adaptive cultural leadership skills building modules.

Managed within the Goethe-Institut, TfanenTakwin relies in carrying out this cycle on the skills of its Advisory Board and its team of experts and hopes to finalize this 1st cycle by setting up mobility between the Europe and Tunisia through internships within the framework of the EUNIC Network.

Aware of the richness of cultural heritage as well as of the potential of cultural tourism and aspiring to boost the cultural sector, among other things, by consolidating skills and helping technological and digital transformation, TfanenTakwin's main objective is to participate in the professionalization of the Tunisian cultural sector.

The TfanenTakwin pilot project has set itself the specific objectives of:

  • • Bring out a generation of professionals by strengthening their skills so that they are able to lead cultural projects;
  • • Integrate Tunisia into international networks by creating a center of experts;
  • • Take into account the history of arts and heritage in Tunisia in a national, regional and global context;
  • • Promote this cultural sector by relying on technological innovations and soft skills.

To achieve these objectives TfanenTakwin targets participants with certain artistic and cultural skills, technical skills (technological innovations) but also managerial skills (project and team management, priority management, schedule management and planning).

These informed and selected participants in two stages, first, on file and then via an oral interview with the team that steers the cycle, benefit from training focused as a priority on

  • • Technical modules on technological innovation, the latest international case studies and practical scenarios for the application of know-how, modules to strengthen skills in adaptive cultural leadership;
  • • A mobility component between Europe and Tunisia;
  • • A training program for Tunisian professionals.

Being linked to the various structures established in Tunisia, taking into account the existing situation and following the Tunisian cultural calendar, the added value of this Euro-Tunisian pilot cycle that TfanenTakwin represents will be:

  • • To contribute to the Tunisian government's objectives in integrating culture into the economy;
  • • Ensure that there is no duplication with the existing action of EUNIC members;
  • • Strengthen and capitalize on the achievements of Tfanen;
  • • Allow access to expertise complementary to that existing in Tunisia;
  • • Facilitate the organization of actions related to mobility to / from Europe;
  • • Offer practical and specific experience;
  • • Allow the sharing of different European experiences in the field of culture and new technologies.

In addition, training and internships will systematically integrate the 3 thematic components of technological innovation, heritage and culture and soft skills to meet the principles of interdisciplinarity and thematic synergy which govern this cycle.

Indeed, just as much as training, internships are of paramount importance to participants in the TfanenTakwin cycle. Only the internships will allow them to verify, test and materialize the learning that the training phase has enabled them, especially since the TfanenTakwin team is counting on the support of EUNIC to give participants the opportunity to do their internships. in a European country, for an immersion in a typical space that can serve as an example to carry out, subsequently, the realization of their own cultural project in Tunisia.